Mini Belt Oil Skimmer

Mini Belt Skimmer- (MBS)

  • Comes with a special Polymer Belt with smooth surface to 2″ width x 0.6m length (or as required by the application) facillitating adhesion of floating oil in the tank to its surface on either side and mounted on a drum & designed to skim     5 litres / hr min of oil
  • Rotating drum with the knurled surface to impact low speed to the belt
  • Wiper assembly with wipers made of Teflon to wipe off the oil adhering to the surface of the disc on either side
  • The mechanism at the bottom loop of the belt to provide enough tension to the belt while rotation

Standard Model Sizes

  • 2″ width x 0.6 mtr length
  • 2″ width x 1 mtr length
  • 2″ width x 1.5 mtr length
  • 2″ width x 2 mtr length
  • 2″ width x 2.5 mtr length
  • Customization Available as per customer needs


  • Belt – Oleophilic Polymer
  • Frame – Mild Steel – Powder coated (SS if required)
  • Fractional hp dc motor to 25w approx,

  • driven through single phase, 230V, 50hz
  • Overall Size : 200mm W x 150mm D x 200mm Ht
  • Upto 50 LPH (Minimum)

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