DAVEY  RO Systems are manufactured in Modules for various flow rates using Thin Film Composite Spiral Wound Membranes (Brackish Water & Sea Water Membranes). 
The Systems are designed taking into consideration Feed contaminants, Pre & Post treatment, Product Stream requirement, Maximisation of Recovery, Flow characteristics etc., and a thorough Technical evaluation supported by Computer Analysis & Past experience. 
Quality Components are used in building the Systems to ensure Efficiency, Ease of Operation, Long life & Aesthetics.Standard Modules available for 150lph to several Million Lakh liters per Day (MLD). Other Modules on request.

  • Design based on Source Water Quality, Required output
  • Water Charecteristics and Optimum Recovery
  • CIP System, CEB System and Dosing Systems inbuilt in SKID
  • Ph, Conductivity, Level , Pressure, Instruments provided


From 150 LPH to Several MLD’s

  • WTP
  • STP
  • Desalination
  • Process Treatment Plants
  • ZLD Drinking Water 
  • Ultra Pure Water 
  • ElectroPlating Rinse Water 
  • Waste Water Recycle 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing 
  • ED Paint Recovery
  • Juice / Food / Tea / Sweetner Concentration

  • SKID – SS / MSEP / MS Powder Coated 
  • RO Vessels – SS / FRP 
  • Instrumentation – Digital / Analog
  • Basic Electrical Panel 
  • PLC Based HMI
  • Microcontroller
  • Touch Screen / MIMIC Panel
  • Data Aquisition

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