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Tube Oil Skimmer Series - DAVEY PRODUCTS



  • These belt oil skimmers are engineered to remove upto 1000 lph of floating oil from the surface of any liquid body. The core of the skimmer is the belt which is made of carefully selected oleophilic polymer belts.

Stationary Type (M1)

Stationary Type (M2)

Cantilever Type (M3)

  • Indigeneously Manufactured & used in Ultrafiltration Plants for different Applications
  • Removal of Suspended Solids, Colloids, Turbidity, Bacteria
  • Standard Design – Out to In flow
  • In to Out Flow on Request
  • Standard Membrane Modules with 8 Sqm to 80 Sqm Area
  • Reduction of TSS
  • Reduction of Turbidity
  • Reduction of Microbes
  • Pre – Filtration in RO Systems for Low SDI used in STP Plants, Water Recycle in Oil, Separation Process in Food Industry
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • ETP
  • STP
  • Drinking Water
  • Concentration in fruit Juice
  • Beverages
  •  Pharma Industry
  • Pre – Filtration to RO
  • Separation in Food Industry
  • Water Recycle in Oil industry
  • Available in Various MOC – PES, PVDF, PS
  • Standard MWCO of 100kD
  • Other MWCO on Request
  • Direct Retrofits & Replacement Available
  • As Per needs Customization available
  • Facilities for Filtration, Backwash & Flush – Both in Upward & Download Direction
  • Basic Electrical Panel
  • PLC Based HMI
  • Micro Controller Based
  • Touch Screen 
  • Mimic Panel
  • Data Acquisitation

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