Davey Products Multi Disc Skimmers  fine polished discs made of Oleophilic Polymer to diameters 300 or 350 or 400 mm and with customisation facility adhesion of Floating Oil in the tank to its surface on either side & designed to skim upto 

300 m³  litres / hour max of oil.  


Two stage worm gear box to impart speed to the disc.


The entire setup is mounted on a float which allows the discs to freely float on liquid surface. This setup allows the skimmer to cover large area such as in large tanks, lakes, oceans, etc,.


Oleophilic Discs are driven either by Electric Motor or Hydraulic Power Pack or Air Motor on shore depending on the site conditions and applications.


Special scraping wipers wipes away the oil and the oil is directed to the collection tank on the vessel.


The bottom of the tank is connected to Oil suck back hoses through  which oil is transferred to the vacuum chambers on the shore.


The advantages of oil multi disc skimmer

  • Large Effluent Tanks in Process / Chemical industry
  • Oil Bilges on Seas, Estuaries, and Coastal waters
  • Oil Discharges on lakes, rivers,ponds
  • Refinery ETPs
  • Edible Oil Collection Tanks
  • Oil Cargo Ports
  • Crude Oil Production units etc.


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